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What should the interview process look like?

The interview has become more efficient, and shorter in overall time since the start of this post-pandemic employment marketplace. Some of the factors that you should consider when enticing another job offer include, pay, travel time, overall professional development, upward mobility and one that is often overlooked, respect for your time during the interview process.

Every position is different on how the interview process takes places however there should be one common denominator - respect for the applicants time.

Sure, it is difficult to corral hiring managers with how busy their schedules are to conduct one solid interview and have an in depth discussion with an applicant, though dragging processes out to meet with other people and continuing to have meeting after meeting shows that the employer actually may not be ready to hire for the position or they don't actually have a vision for who fits in there.

As you interview with a company for a position, making sure that the hiring team values your time is crucial during this process because it can show that they will value your time as an employee.

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