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Find Your Next Position

We Care About Your Career

We are consultants first, and recruiters second. Do you have any questions regarding your current job, situation, or future goals? Reach out to our team to discuss. Our team is well equipped to discuss questions surrounding the current marketplace, the economic state on jobs, and many other topics. We care about our community and demonstrate that as we help you navigate important career decisions. 

Not Sure If We Can Help?

Our overall goal is to support the people in our community - most positions or titles that candidates hold are positions that we are open to discussing. Some examples of positions are below:

  • General Manager

  • Client Support Manager

  • Customer Service

  • Accounting

  • Machining

  • Construction

  • Engineering

Marketplace Information

Our team interviews businesses just like we interview candidates to ensure that we are working with the best in the business . We are always keeping a constant pulse on the marketplace and are willing to share those findings with career-seekers that have questions around prospective employers. Reach us today to discuss any questions you may have!

Lance L

If you are in the job market and need some help getting seen by potential employers, I would highly recommend working with Legacy Talent Search. I can speak from personal experience that they will work hard for you. I went from sending out resumes and hearing nothing but crickets to getting an interview within about 10 days after joining forces with Legacy consulting USA. They will represent you or a potential employer with professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

Autzen B

Legacy Talent Search was more than helpful in finding the right job opportunity for me and landed me a job basically same day I spoke to them. They are positive and care about the people they are working with. I enjoy the job I got from Legacy and plan to keep working there. Taelor was the one who helped me in the beginning, he was extremely helpful and seemed to love what he is doing.
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