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Meet the Team

Committed to You


Gabriel A. Larson CSP

Chief Operating Officer

After graduating high school and finding himself needing to get started in the workforce, Gabriel joined the Army Reserves where he was discharged 6 years later as a Sergeant. 


He was in recruiting for roughly 5 years out of the Portland, Oregon Metro Area where he specialized in career-focused opportunities. 


His last year operating in the Portland area, he led a team of recruiters and found that you in fact can identify a winning team and run with them to achieve great results.



Taelor J. Briscoe

Chief Revenue Officer

Taelor spent several years as a top recruiter out of the Portland, Oregon Metro Area working with many different industries, primarily focused on light industrial positions. 


He spent some time reflecting on what direction he wanted to take his life and decided to "go all in" on Legacy Talent Search to prove to himself that he has what it takes to build a lifestyle based on principle. 


Taelor has helped companies of all sizes see significant growth by working with top level talent and identifying a matching team culture.



Marisa Cadungug

Executive Assistant

Marisa has been in the staffing industry since 2019 and in administrative/customer service since 2016. She is a positive influence on those around her and uses her tireless energy to support her team in their success. She is always learning new skills and learning new programs to help grow herself and the business. In her free time, Marisa enjoys spending time with her friends, reading new books and building LEGOs.
If you need anything revolving around the administrative side from Legacy, you can reach Marisa below:

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