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What does our logo mean to us?

Our #logo is something that we stand behind and it means a lot to us here at Legacy Consulting USA. When asking the founders of the company why they created what they did, their answer surprised us.

" The Chalice with wings was made for Kings, or angels for that matter. Things that left a #legacy behind them. These are beings that strike me as unforgettable. History makers."

"The Chalice is the most important part; a chalice is given to #champions. People who don't just win, but people who work their tails off to create unforgettable results. The warriors in the ring if you will. The wings show something not of this world, a rare sighting for most. If you think of most historical stories regarding angels, they are described as magnificent and in most encounters, people can't look at them.

The stars show us direction and how we can reward a result. They show us that we can celebrate a championship."

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