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What Career Seeking Means to Legacy

This week we will be launching a new blog series designed to help the career-seekers out in todays employment market.

To kick this off, we will be discussing what the career-seeker means to us in our industry, to our company, and why we use that exact terminology.

Have you ever worked with a recruiting firm only to find out that most of the jobs they have are a "try before you buy" scenario with the customer? It sometimes seems like the branding you hear from the recruiter is totally different than the relationship with the gaining employer. Here at Legacy Consulting USA, we #recruitdifferently.

We spend time meeting with each of our business partners to ensure they understand that the focus of a position is a career transition for most candidates that are looking at making moves. Our team makes sure that employers understand that just because some of our positions work on a contract-to-hire model, it doesn't meant that the position is only going to last for a few months. The overall goal is to facilitate a transition into a career, and to find some of you #careerseekers who continually demonstrate how your skillset helps business expand their foot print in the marketplace.

Please reach out to our team if you would like us to discuss how we can help!

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