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How To Set Up Your Interview For Success

One of the most important pieces to finding the next step in your career is #crushing the #interview. Our team helps career seekers every day that we are in business and have seen countless interviews take place. We have put together the below #interviewtips to share perspective on some of the things we have seen, regardless of the position you may be interviewing for.

  • Show up 10 minutes early for your interview. Too often we have seen situations arise where a career seeker plans on showing up on time, only to end up having something outside of their control slow their travel time down resulting in being several minutes late to the interview. Most employers will show grace for this, however the interviewee tends to be more stressed than before and won't feel they performed their best by the end of it.

  • Mentally prepare the day of or night before. Speaking on the #mentalpreparation effects on arriving late described above, one of the most important things to do when interviewing is to mentally prepare for it. Think around how you will answer typical interview questions, why it is that you are interviewing for the position, and how you can market your #personalbrand.

  • Research the company that you are applying with. Look for news articles from some of the recent accomplishments that they have been apart of. Find the press releases page on their website and see if there are any important goals from the shareholders that you can be apart of. Research the processes and equipment that they are using to accomplish their daily production goals. Write down at least three questions regarding their business and/or the position that you can ask in the interview.

  • Be present in all aspects of the interview. From the attire that you arrive in, to the way you greet others in the room will all show how present you are in your surroundings. Stand up, shake hand firmly with others that enter to join the interview, speak clearly with confidence, and actively listen to what others are saying to gain a firm grasp on the company, the management staff, and any obtainable goals that can set you up for success.

Please reach out to us if you have any feedback on these #interviewtips to share with us, or even if they helped you land your next position! We are always open to feedback, and will also spend time over the phone with anyone if you have an interview coming up and would like additional perspective!

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