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Are you struggling in this market to find anyone?

Most companies are struggling to find top level employees right now, we hear it all the time. As a company that keeps a constant pulse on the marketplace, what are we seeing as the biggest reason why?

Some blame the unemployment, others blame the floodgates that opened as states allowed more businesses to operate fully. There are many reasons as to WHY businesses can't find anyone. Unfortunately, all of these are right.

We recently have been hearing of companies that are using quite a few staffing firms to help find people, sometimes upwards of 5-10 total staffing partners! Why do businesses need to use so many to see results? Its because staffing companies hire recruiters to skim the top of the barrel on talent and not actually do the "tough work".

When you, a business owner, see the same candidate from multiple staffing firms, it should raise a red flag. Does this staffing partner have my best interest in mind? and do they have the candidates best interest in mind? When recruiters are playing "matchmaker" and they are not actually trying to find out what the candidate is truly looking for, or what the business owner offers as an employment investment, they are throwing darts with the lights off.

Here at Legacy Consulting USA, we care. We care about both sides of the employment approach equally. We feel our industry owes it to the job seekers as much as the employers to do right and find the best fit possible, regardless of the resume because at the end of the day, we are all people. You can't forget about the human relationship in business because we are all trying to do what is best for our economy, our community, and our families alike.

Do you have questions on the current market? Give us a call today to discuss what we are seeing out there on a daily basis.

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