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How are you different from other agencies?

Our primary focus is the overall connecting experience. We want the overall experience of hiring and career connection to be first class for everyone.  Legacy Talent Search connects like minded individuals for a perfect fit. 

Why is "culture fit" so important?

With the job market becoming more and more competitive, businesses need to identify why candidates would want to stay long term. Using this information to continue growing your company is how you build a championship team.

Is Legacy Talent Search a local or national agency?

Because we are so specialized in what we do, we spend our time conducting independent research on what we feel is one of the top employers in a geographical area. With that information in mind, we are pleased to say that our services can be requested anywhere.

How do you connect high impact teams together?

We are a process driven company. We know how to create processes that are successful and continue utilizing them to reach a specific result. We use our interviewing process for both employers and career seekers to determine a good fit, and make connections based on that.

Is your question not here? 

Contact us for more information!

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