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Looking for your next career? Here's some required reading!

Many people are stuck, wandering through their life looking for the next "big change". They clock in and clock out at their job and have lost their drive to do what they are doing. We always recommend that people who feel this way need to take a weekend to self reflect on what drives them. If a potential employer were to ask you "how do you measure drive in yourself?" what would your answer be? Take some tie to jot down how you hold yourself accountable to being driven and search for the position that matches what you have discovered. 

The Best Tips to Find Your Dream Job

When searching for your next dream job, here are some tips:

  • Like employers are open to different resumes, be open to job descriptions. Interview for everything. It is okay to turn it down at the end of the process. 

  • Work with a recruiter you trust. They should be set out on a mission that mirrors what you are looking for in your next position. 

  • Have multiple people look over your resume, not just a family member or friend. Feedback is a great thing and helps us grow as a civilization. 

Marketplace Forecasting - Post Pandemic Closures

The market is doing some interesting things right now. Many people put the blame on unemployment, some put it on the government, and some don't know what the cause is. What we are seeing is that unemployment numbers have very little to actually do with it. When industries shut down, it created a gap in those industries using consumables and that gap grew with each passing month. Companies that served those industries found other clients and further increased that gap. After states started to reopen, companies were not ready for the increased demand, thus supply is minimal compared to where it should be, and further dependent on having enough team members to produce.

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